Bloomberg NYC more dangerous than Pre Guiliani?

Before Rudy Giuliani the following would not have been expected :

Man opens fire at Brooklyn parade, toll rises to 46 shot since Saturday morning

But under Bloomberg’s repressive anti gun administration how can this happen? Well it is clear that when guns are outlawed – only outlaws have guns. Unless any of the victims were a;so criminals, they wold have had to defend themselves with their cell phone and dialing 911.

Guiliani cut the crime rate and erased the idea that NYC was the murder capital of the world. It seems under Bloomberg we are seeing a stark reversal.

A trillion here – a trillion there – it is only our great grand children’s money!

How do these Democrats get elected being so stupid and narrow minded?

Rep. Maxine Waters Calls For A Trillion-Dollar Jobs Program

CBO: Jobs Created and Saved By Stimulus Cost At Minimum An Average of $228,055 Each

Based CBO numbers a new Trillion dollar plan would create less than 4400. Of course she did say Trillion or more – so maybe she wants to create maybe 8,000 or so. That is more jobs than Obama created – and at such reasonable cost – just a trillion or two. I mean at one number per second – it would only take 32,000 years  to count to a trillion. How can that much money count when you cannot possibly count it?

Net Zero – another milestone on Obama’s legacy

Since WWII the US has NEVER had a month where NO NEW JOBS were created. Until the failed policies of BHO proved to be too much. With unemployment at 9.1% and his mouthpiece promising a new plan to “reduce unemployment” to 9%, we are already well beyond 9% in actual unemployment because of workers who have given up looking.

Obamacare has already destroyed jobs at employers who could add employees but that would take them across the 50 employee threshold and into more costly regulation.. We have the potential for more jobs in the energy sector drilling for oil and gas but the Obama administration is strangling that sector with added regulations from the EPA , Interior and other departments.

We have his labor department touting “made in America” (by union employees) buying cars made in Canada , We have Obama himself taking a foolish bus trip (how many minutes did he actually spend on the bus?) with Canadian made buses. We have the government building a massive super computing center to handle highly classified data for the military using almost exclusively Chinese equipment because US governemnt policies have driven all such manufacturing off shore.

I have no doubt that whatever “plan” Obama presents to improve employment it will do little to increase private sector employment – but it will probably increase government employment.

WH site to attack Congress should backfire – should

Obama has set up a White House web site to allow people to petition Congress for redress of their concerns – something that the Constitution already allows. His purpose is pure politics – wanting to make it appear there is a groundswell of citizens wanting action on his tax increasing, socialism expanding legislative agenda.

This should backfire – I say should. It should generate a myriad of petitions from citizens wanting Congress to do things like Impeach Obama, repeal Obamacare, fire the Czars that Obama installed without legislative approval, etc.

However, since the White House will be filtering the site – I suspect that the only petitions generated will be those that advance his agenda

And since his website requires identification of the signers so that those that offend Obama’s minions can be investigated by the IRS or Homeland security or Secret Service.

Orwellian – and it is the far left against Obama

The visit by Obama to la Raza didn’t help him much – but then Reuters has naturally missed the whole point of the protests.

The key phrase is “illegal immigrants who have not committed crimes” …

These people who illegally immigrated to the USA are being deported as criminals because they broke at least one law, they are here illegally – that is a crime. You can try all day until these protesters are exhausted from screaming – illegal aliens are still criminals.

I do not know why Obama has decided to enforce this law in this admittedly meager manner while he blatantly refuses to enforce other laws, but it is at least encouraging he will enforce and obey some law somewhere.

Found – someplace we could have saved some taxpayer’s dollars

The buses alone cost 2.2 million, how much more is this campaign tour costing us? Advance secret service checks of every foot of the route and the mandatory alternate routes and escape routes. The local police details, the disruption of traffic and commerce everywhere it meanders. The flights of Air Force One to take him to the bus and back – cause I’m sure he ain’t sleeping at Motel Six’s even if Tom is keeping the lights on.

And of course the entourage – how many thousands of people are we financing – one way or another to have the crowds of Obama supporters at each stop. Or are those just flash mob things between thuggery outings?

Heck just the cost of transporting the teleprompter would support a couple un-employed families for a couple years.

Other than at some bus armorer – where are the non-government jobs?


Austerity in Europe is defined as Raise taxes and lay off some petty Politicians?

About 40% of their budget goes to welfare and social security. So they will raise taxes on the job creators, cut GDP, lose more jobs, make more people dependent on the welfare system.

I think austere would be cutting the pay of every government worker, closing all non essential (and make a very tight definition of essential) services and offices. Cut completely most agencies that regulate business. Oh, and assuming Berlusconi travels in  government aircraft, sell it along with half the government owned autos and helicopters and airplanes.

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!