I am with Phil

I have been quiet for a while now – and have been getting fed up with Facebook – so I have chosen tonight to come back.


I think A&E will blink – they stand to lose much more by banning Phil that by keeping him. DD is the top rated show. If it goes away they will lose big. Where ever they go will gain big. If they take up residence on the Blaze it will boost the Blaze – whether they have to drop the name DD and become Duck Family Robertsons or something because of some contract – their fans will follow.

Conservative Victory – Super committee fails!

I doubt anyone would honestly contend that there was “fair” representation of conservative members of the House and Senate on the “Super committee”.

So by not being present on that megaflop, the conservatives have a victory. The current trajectory is that across the board cuts will be required, now if we can only prevent the Congress passing massive changes to that course. That is the best possible outcome at this time.

Now I understand that the military is one big target that the Libs want left in the path of the cuts, but I do not think their suicidal tenancies will be strong enough to have them vote against at least partially exempting the military.

I heard today that the “pundits” predict that there will be an attempt by the then lame duck Congress to try to make this all go away after next November’s election. But then, the makeup of Congress then will be no different than it is now, however those who lose their seats may lose all sanity and vote to boost taxes and spending.

9-9-9 or Flat or Fair

There are several plans being promoted that have one common theme and one common problem.

In common is that they aim to replace the current disaster of a US tax code. That is good – badly needed!

They also have a real problem – unless they include a constitutional amendment to abolish and prohibit the current tax schemes and all other taxes in all guises (fees, fines, levees, etc). Without that we would see not only the new tax(es) but the old tases and more new taxes down the line.

You have a fairly recent example of this in Connecticut. They voted to allow an income tax because property taxes were too high. Well, now they have the income tax and their property taxes are high again.

Another example – on the other side is New Hampshire. Their constitution mandates all taxes be at the same rate for all – a flat tax – no matter what is being taxed. The pro income taxers cannot bring themselves to back a flat income tax that would tax the top 1% at the same rate as the bottom 1% and the wording in the constitution prohibits a blanket exemption for some taxpayers but not all. So they have no income tax. They also are an attractive place for people – like airline pilots and the military – who can choose what state to live in based on the taxation of their income.

The Wall Street protesters Utopia!

Occupy Wall Street starts their screed list of demands with a $20 an hour minimum wage. Skip to #3 – guaranteed full employment regardless of actual employment.

A little math – $20 an hour = $40k, 205 million “residents” between 15 – 65. That is $8.2 trillion.

Now for #2 – universal healthcare – that – without any account for inflation – at least $5k per * 300+ million $1.5 trillion

#4 free college for all – 34 million “college age” “residents” -* average cost of college (forgetting any inflation) $35k $1.2 trillion

#6 another trillion dollar “infrastructure” program – “shovel ready”? $1 trillion

#7 a trillion to restore the forests, and destroy all the nuclear power plants. $1 trillion

# 8 – a new 14th amendment? WTF?

#9 open the borders to all people who might want to become residents – and – back in #1 impose tarrifs on all imported goods – hell now I got to go back and add another billion people to the minimum wage figure, another billion people to the college cost equation and then factor in the hyperinflation effects of the the fossil fuel (that was #5) and the nukes plus the tarrifs (have any of these wacks heard of Smoot Hawley?) and the dollar is then worth less than the Chinese Yuan.

Under their scheme the USA will have a population about the same as India, we will all be freezing in the dark eating what we can scratch out of the 20 square feet of ground we will be allocated, employed in sweatshops making worthless trinkets to be exported to China or somewhere.

Oh, but we must not forget #11 – eliminate all debt (also called Capital) every one who has a house will owe no mortgage. All college loans will go away, all debt – gone That of course means bankruptcy for all pension plans that are invested in government bonds or mortgage backed securities or bank stocks or utility stocks (remember – all existing power plants will be shut down).

So under their plan everyone will be equal – dirt poor working for slave wages with no heat or light no pensions social security checks that will be worth less than the stamp used to send it.

Yes indeed Utopia!

Bargaining with terrorists or kidnappers never works

The official stated position of the USA is to never negotiate with Terrorists or kidnappers, etc. That is the only rational policy to follow. To underscore that there is Nigeria.

Seems their country saw a rash of kidnappings during their current civil war – they made a deal with the devils, and they granted unconditional pardons and cash payments to the evil doers. But that “brought about a short period of reprieve, but has not been successful in quelling the targeted violence in mostly impoverished the region.”

As for the USA policy- not long ago they paid a “ransom”or so called “blood Money” for the release of a CIA contractor in Pakistan. I am sure that there are numerous instances of the US government paying off to effect the release of US citizens – for instance where did the money come from recently to pay the “bail” for the two American hikers kidnapped by Iran. It certainly was not “bail” since it will not be returned because the hikers will not be going back to stand trial. It was a payoff to a thug government.

Post office in dire striates – of course!

There is a comment I saw about how the Congress has no option but to pour billions more into the failing postal service. They point to the Constitution’s provision that Congress shall have the power to create the postal service and build post roads – and that is true – but then what is the Internet? Is it not a 21st century analog of the post office pioneered by Ben Franklin? Is it not also an analog of the post roads built to carry the mail. The Internet is doing everything the post office does except deliver packages.

With that one exception everything the post office traditionally did – the Internet now does. And, when the framers wrote the postal service into the Constitution I sincerely doubt that they meant it should be delivering boxes of stuff in direct competition with private enterprise – which does it better to boot.

For things that have to be in printed form and have to be delivered – private enterprise does it better. Fed Ex will get it there so will UPS most businesses do not trust the postal service to get their stuff there on time and intact.

I think that the post office should go the way of the pony express, a nostalgic bit of American History. Turn some of the remaining ornate post offices into museums and move on.